Taking Action: Mom’s memories of deceased baby stolen

Taking Action
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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Two days before Mother's Day, Devin Johnson of Hartselle fell victim to petty theft after visiting the Walmart in Decatur.

"We rushed back over to get it and it was already gone," she said.

A white Samsung Note 3 cell phone with a black and purple case. Gone -- along with the memories it held.

"Videos of her first walking, videos of us feeding her, her laughing, just stuff that I'm never ever going to get back," she said sadly.

'She' is a daughter that Johnson doesn't see. Her first-born Jada, that died four years ago at fifteen months.

She doesn't care about the phone. She just wants back the memories that were at her fingertips. Only a few of her thousands of photos were recovered, and only four of them are of the baby whose laugh she fears she'll never hear again.

"I can't hear her anymore," said Johnson. "It's hard to remember her voice sometimes."

She says the pain of losing her baby overtakes the joy from a year before -- and that she'll never get over losing her daughter but that if she could get her phone back, with the videos of Jada, it would be the best Mother's Day ever.

She begs the public to help her get the phone -- or just the SIM card inside -- returned to the Walmart where it was stolen, to a T-mobile store, or to authorities.

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