Taking Action Investigation: Are your employees acing drug tests with fake urine?

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Necessity is the mother of invention.  Since drug tests have been administered, people have found ways to beat the system.

Now there is an entire market of over-the-counter products making it possible for everyone from employees to parolees to pass drug tests, no matter what is in their system.

"The market to subvert these drug tests has been around as long as drug tests have been around," said State Probation Officer Josh Boyd.

Synthetic urine, with names like "U-Pass" and "X Stream," promise zero percent fail rates and can be purchased at the gas station.  Some websites even post reviews of how well the products work.

WHNT News 19 took the test to Boyd, who expected the test would not work. The QuickScreen testing strips are already in the sample cup.

When testing for a drug a "control" line will appear, and another line to indicate if the urine is clean or if there are drugs in the person's system.

The X-Stream synthetic urine passed the drug test.

While state and Madison County probation offices visually watch parolees provide a sample, drug labs used by employers and parents do not, and they're getting duped.

We purchased an at-home drug test that can be purchased at your neighborhood convenience store. This time we tested the U-Pass synthetic urine. The at home kit gave the all-clear for marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and opiates.The kit does provide the option of sending the urine off for a "confirmatory test."

While other states take measures to get the products off the shelves, they continue to be easily accessible in Alabama.

States like Illinois Arkansas, and Maryland all have laws on the books that ban the sale, possession, or use of synthetic urine and other methods of subverting a drug test.

Boyd thinks legal action would help get the products of Alabama shelves, however thinks the real responsibility lies with testing labs.

"Where people might be more concerned is not regulating this industry, but renewing their process and going over their policy and procedures for drug testing," said Boyd.

In this case, knowing the ways people are already cheating the system may be the best way to prevent it.

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