Taking Action: Harvest man unhappy with Internet service provider, claims he’s not getting what he’s paying for

Taking Action
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HARVEST, Ala. - Nathan Ball signed up for high-speed Internet after he and his family moved into their home in a growing section of Limestone County.

That was early in 2014. He says he’s still waiting to get the high speeds he’s paying for through his Internet provider Mediacom.  He signed for a plan that calls for Internet speeds of 150 megabits per second, among the fastest options offered by Mediacom.

But Ball said the speeds often don’t come close to that standard and the service is irregular.

“What I signed up for was 150 megabits per second, most of the times it’s testing at 1 or 2 [megabits] on the days that it does fluctuate,” Ball said. “And most of the time when it does fluctuate, it is all day.”


He estimates he’s called the company a dozen times since July and up to 10 more times in the first half of this year.

Mediacom repair technicians have responded to the calls on multiple occasions, he said. But the apparent solution – fixing a trunk at the end of the street, which acts as a kind of router for the neighborhood -- hasn’t been addressed.  He said Mediacom is the only company serving the area that offers that Internet speed.

A frustrated Ball called WHNT News 19.

We called Mediacom.

A company rep initially told us that Mediacom, like other Internet providers, has language in its user agreement saying it doesn’t guarantee any particular speed for Internet service.

But, the rep reviewed Ball’s file and said there did appear to be repeat issues at his address. He said the problem “can and will be fixed” and pledged to call Ball Thursday.

Ball said he was contacted by a Mediacom rep. He said they told him the issue would be referred to the supervisor of the Huntsville office.

Ball said he’s hopeful they will return his call, but given his experience so far, he’s not “holding his breath.”

WHNT News 19 will continue to follow this story and press for answers.