TAKING ACTION: Downtown Rescue Mission searching for owner of gold ring

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Downtown Rescue Mission is a place where many visit; most just to stay for a meal or a night. Last week, a gold ring also made its way to the mission.

“I’m not sure how it got there. I’m not sure if it fell off someone’s finger, or how it got there,” Director of Food Services John Niemeyer said. “We think that it originated in the Scottsboro area but we’re really not sure.”

Inside the 14K gold band are the engraved initials, FEW and JBS, as well as the date 10-12-46.

“The date of the ring goes from 1946 so you’re talking about 71 years,” Niemeyer said.

Here are three pictures of the ring found at the mission:

The faith-based mission hopes the gold ring is back on the hand it belongs to soon.

“We just had Valentine’s Day celebrating love. And to see something like this, it would be a real awesome story, if we were able to reunite the owner of this ring,” Niemeyer said. “Because, the ring is such a symbol of the commitment of marriage.”

If this ring looks familiar, email John Niemeyer at john.niemeyer@downtownrescuemission.org.