TAKING ACTION: Arab Police plan to issue citations to drivers blocking road near Arab Primary School

Taking Action
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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) — If what Arab Police are calling a major traffic issue doesn’t change, officers are going to take action by issuing citations. This week though, they’re educating residents in the hopes that action won’t be necessary.

This week Arab Police are paying more attention to the roads around Arab Primary School. They’re doing it to educate residents about what the law says you can and cannot do.” We’ve had several complaints in the last few weeks of the traffic problem being such an issue,” Assistant Chief Shane Washburn says.

Assistant Chief Washburn says dozens of vehicles line up to wait for students hours before school lets out. He says the cars stay on the roads parked, and at times some drivers will leave the vehicles. “It causes a huge issue as far as emergency vehicles being able to get to the school in a proper time. It also hinders the people who live in that neighborhood, getting in and out of their residences.”

Parking in the roads is against two laws and a city ordinance. “One of them is stopping on the highway, and the other one is stopping traffic,” Assistant Chief Washburn says.

This week, Arab Police are working to let residents know all of this, so they don’t get a citation. “We’ve also sent officers out there to let every car know that’s in the line, advising they can’t stop on the roadway, they can’t park there,” Assistant Chief Washburn says.

The school also sent flyers home with the students explaining the protocols. “We were going to issue citations this week, but we’re giving them one more week to get the word out, to let them know that we will soon be issuing citations if you’re parking on the roadway,” Assistant Chief Washburn says.

He says this has been going on for years, but lately it’s become an issue and the department has received numerous complaints in regard to it.

Assistant Chief Washburn says if the problem persists, officers will be issuing citations next week, which they say are typically more than $100.

Officials say you can wait for the students at Arab Primary School starting at 1:45 p.m. Officers say you have to be pulled partially off of the road and you cannot leave your car.

It should only take about 20 to 25 minutes to go through the pick-up line at Arab Primary.

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