TAKING ACTION UPDATE: A young mother pleads for help after shoddy repair job

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -A Woodway Pines tenant is asking for help with a leaky ceiling.

On Thursday Stephanie Woods said the an officer with Huntsville Code Enforcement surveyed the damage in her apartment. She said they gave management four months to fix the leak and repair the damp carpet and water marks it caused.

Woods came to WHNT News 19 with pictures from two months ago of some water damage. Maintenance went to repair the damage last month, and management thought it was fixed. But today, that damage is still there, and Woods feels it’s a health hazard.

Woods felt she had exhausted her efforts for help from her apartment maintenance crew to take care of the issue on the leak.

“It was very upsetting to me,” she said. “I pay my rent money, but they don’t have to come out here to fix my mold? They painted over it, and it’s still not working.”

A manager on site showed us records indicating work order was ‘completed’ on August 18th. It showed the leak is coming from the the upstairs air conditioning unit, and the sheet rock needed to be repaired.

Yet, today, the carpet is damp and the wall is still covered in water marks.

Woods tells WHNT News 19 her calls have gone unanswered since the shoddy repair.
So, her mother, Rhonda Ellis, decided to get involved to try and get the process moving.

“A week ago I went to the maintenance man and told him that her ceiling was still leaking again,” Ellis said. “He said ‘okay, okay… then I’ll go down there and see about it.’ He never did.”

Still, there’s a problem in apartment number seven.

“My grandson is here,” Ellis said with concern. “He’s crawling on the floor and there’s a foul odor. There’s a child in there!”

“I can see now,” she continued. “Water damage, water marks coming down the closet, around her door and the ceiling is cracked all the way down. If they’re not going to fix it, they need to do something.”

Woods and her mother say the leak has turned to what they think is mold, or mildew.
It’s something Woods and her 10-month-old baby boy are sleeping next to every night.

“Something needs to be done,” pleaded Woods.

She thinks a rash that has broken out on her baby’s feet and hands is tied to the leak.
After doctor visits and restless nights, she just want’s the problem fixed.

The manager on site also told WHNT News 19 he would put in another work order for Woods Wednesday.

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