Students say they’ve still had zero communication from ITT Tech about shutdown

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It’s been a difficult time for ITT Tech students as they reality of their uncertain future sinks in. Some students are making plans and trying to move forward.

We first met Tim ITT Tech student Tim Ladner on Tuesday morning. He was trying to get answers from the college, but said campus officials were refusing to give students any kind of response.

More than 24 hours later WHNT News 19 talked with Ladner again, to see if he’s made any progress.

“Same status as of yesterday. No answers. And we’re being told basically to standby, so that’s where we sit,” he said.

Ladner said despite his and other students efforts, they still have had no contact from ITT Tech. However, they have had good communication from other agencies.

“The Alabama Department of Higher Education, they’re doing a lot of outreach, and they’re trying to get answers from other agencies, you know federal, that kind of thing,” he said.

Ladner said the Department of Education told students they basically have two options at this point.

“We could either apply for loan forgiveness, or transfer credits to another accepting agency,” he explains.

But, Ladner said that’s where the problem sits.

“Any of the places that are accepting of the credits of ITT are either online to where we can’t, we don’t have the same matching criteria, or they’re outside the state of Alabama,” he said.

Ladner said for his part, he’s not just going to sit around waiting for a response from ITT Tech.

“Actually I was gonna contact Strayer today, and I’m gonna look into Drake as well, and the thing is that I really do not want to give up anything that I’ve earned here,” he said.

Some students said they still have items to pick up or return, and they have no idea how they’re going to do that. WHNT News 19 has learned the Madison campus is supposed to open to instructors tomorrow. At least one student has told us she’ll be there as well.

There is also a sign posted at the campus Wednesday saying the property now belongs to Madison County. WHNT News 19 called the tax collector’s office who said this does not apply to personal property belonging to students and instructors. It impacts the ITT property in the building.