Solid Waste Authority apologizes for inconsistent recycling service

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Residents who live on one Huntsville road say they haven’t had their recycling picked up in three weeks, but it turns out they’re not alone.

“I am a naturalist. I believe in saving the planet,” said Huntsville resident, Janice Armstrong.

Armstrong, along with her neighbors on Monica Road, have not had their recycling picked up in three weeks.

“It’s disappointing,” Armstrong said.

She says she has called to try to have the problem fixed, but it hasn’t helped.

Armstrong has had to throw her recyclable materials in her green bin.

“When it stacks up like this we have to throw it in the trash to go into a landfill,” she said.

Huntsville contracts out recycling services to the company Republic. WHNT News 19 had the opportunity to sit down with the city’s executive director of the Solid Waste Disposal, Doc Holladay. He says Monica Road isn’t the only area that’s been having this issue.

“I really do apologize for the level of service that our customers have received over the past two to three weeks,” Holladay said.

He says he doesn’t know the full extent of the cause of this problem.

“From time to time you have a driver out the whole the routing system is not automated with technology, it’s paper maps and I suspect in a case or two someone gets turned around a little bit a just misses a street altogether,” he said.

Holladay says he is working to steer republic back in the right direction.

“I’ve been out today riding routes a called for a supervisor we went rode routes that were not completed Monday of this week,” he said.

He hopes recycling pick-up will be back on schedule for the rest of the week.

He asks people to call the Solid Waste Disposal Authority at (256) 880-6054.

Republic’s contract is ending with Solid Waste Disposal July 31st. Holladay says he would not want to speculate whether that is a factor in the inconsistent service.

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