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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Picketers lined Highway 157 less than a block away from the street that houses the county shelter.

Former employees and volunteers say they’ve witnessed nothing short of animal abuse at the hands of the director, Bobbie Taylor, holding up signs of bold messages — accusing Taylor of abusing and even killing the dogs.

“We have found [the animals] dead consistently, over and over,” said yearlong employee Matthew Hardyman. “It breaks my heart to see them the way they are.

“[Taylor] would beat them in the head,” said volunteer Kala Scott. “It was awful, death everyday.

Meanwhile, a friend of Taylor’s who heard of the picketers stopped by the debate with the naysayers.

“I’m sick,” said Jackie Posey. “If they really care about the animals they should say ‘how can we help,’ if they shut her down, there will be no no-kill shelter.”

The negative attention forced intervention by county leaders. Commissioner Bobby Burch tells WHNT News 19 they will hold an emergency meeting to discuss possibly canceling their county contract with Taylor.