Walter Peavy, A Man For The Aged

Pay It Forward
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Walter Peavy is a man on a mission.  He is working to love and care for our senior citizens.

Walter works at Love 1000 WDJL radio station where he founded Love Ministries. Whenever one of our seniors needs help with food or their utilities, he tries his best to take care of them. He has even helped people find homes.

“God gave me a vision several years ago of a ministry for senior citizens, because a lot of them fall through the cracks, they don’t have much aid, they don’t have much assistance,” said Walter. “Many have to make the decisions to either pay the rent, pay the medicine, pay for food, or pay for utilities. A lot of the people who are coming to us now are coming to us because their utilities are being shut off.”

That is the reason Walter is raising money to help our elderly pay their utility bills by staying on top of the Love Ministries building until he reaches his goal. Walter says the Lord sent him to the rooftop. “Be like Nehemiah, go up there and don’t come down and I’m not gonna come down until we get our goal, and our goal is $5,000.”

His health isn’t very good, but Walter says no matter, our seniors need his help and the Lord will help him reach his goal.

“We are committed to ensuring that these people get some type of relief and nothing tears you up more than to see, than to see a senior citizen, an old lady or an older man cry, that’s what gets me, they need help, they need help,” he said.

If you would like to help Walter reach his goal and help our senior citizens, you can contact him at Love 1000 WDJL or send a donation to Love Ministries, P.O. Box 3602, Huntsville, AL 35810.