Volunteers Dedicated to Peace, Love and Animals Rescue Organization

Pay It Forward
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TANNER, Ala. (WHNT) – WHNT NEWS 19 surprised a dedicated volunteer with the animal rescue organization Peace, Love & Animals.

The non-profit started in 2009. Around 60 dogs live at the facility in Limestone County. WHNT NEWS 19 found out about volunteer Rose Briener from her co-worker Tammy Barton. Barton emailed us. Here’s a snippet of her nomination describing Briener’s efforts:

“Rose nursed a crippled Dachshund by taking him to multiple treatments until he miraculously walked again. She spent nights nursing abandoned puppies with parvo and still came to work. She took a Chihuahua for surgery three times and did the rehab until she could stand normally. She is so selfless and devoted. She would use the money wisely.”

WHNT NEWS 19 visited Peace, Love & Animals and met Briener, a woman who loves dogs.

“This is what brings you back,” says Briener.

Caring for canines is her passion. For four years, Briener has volunteered at Peace, Love & Animals. During that time, she’s fostered at least 10 animals and has four of her own.

“There are so many strays out there, neglected, abused and there’s just not enough people,” explains Briener. “There are more dogs  than there are volunteers.”

Although outnumbered, they’re not out of hope. Briener says she and the other volunteers remain committed. It’s all because of the sweet, furry friends with four legs.

“I get so much more back from them than I give, that’s how I feel,” describes Briener. “When they go to a home, it’s just so rewarding. I think it’s important to show them love and compassion and attention.”

And surprising Briener with $319 definitely got her attention and brought her to tears.

“Oh yay!” she shouted. “Thank you!”

As soon as we gave Briener the money, she immediately wanted to use it to pay vet bills for the dogs at the rescue.