Teacher helps distribute weekend food sacks to Morris Elementary students

Pay It Forward
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Can you imagine not eating for two days? If it weren’t for the generosity of strangers and caring teachers at one local school, there’s no telling how many kids would be in that scenario on the weekends. WHNT NEWS 19 went to Morris Elementary School to surprise Ashley Connor. She’s a math teacher there and helps make sure every kid leaves school on Fridays with food.

WHNT NEWS 19 crashed the cafeteria at lunchtime to surprise Connor with $319. After cheers from the enthusiastic crowd, it was back to business. The kids were busy eating and picking up brown paper bags. Each one is filled with specific items just for kids.

“We try to have pop top items and things they can put a spoon in and eat,” explains Connor. “They may not have a microwave. They may not have a stove. It’s got to be something they can eat without anything else.”

It’s more than snack food. For many of the children, it’s crucial to their survival.

“It’s just crucial,” describes Connor. “It’s extremely critical for our students at Morris to make sure they have food over the weekend. Some go home and don’t have any food so it’s extremely critical and beneficial to have the partners that we do that support Morris Elementary and our students.”

Each Friday during the school year, the kids line up in the cafeteria to get their bag. Their goal is for every child to get one. That’s more than 500 students each week. It’s an effort that multiple churches and volunteers get behind. For Connor, it’s an investment.

“I just want to give back to our community since the community has given me so much,” explains Connor. “I grew up in Huntsville, so I am going to give back to Huntsville. Our entire staff works together to make sure that our students have everything that they need and don’t go without because they’re our future.”

As you would imagine, this is a massive undertaking to make sure more than 500 kids get food sacks each week. WHNT NEWS 19 was happy to Pay it Forward to help them keep up the good work.

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