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Pay It Forward
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - This week's Pay It Forward is for Shelia Crutcher. She was nominated by Shante Brown, who calls Shelia a jewel.

"Shelia Crutcher is the chef at Village Home Care, a group home for mentally challenged men, but she is much more than that," Brown wrote to us. "She takes care of the men as if they were her own family.  No matter what they need, she makes sure they get it.  She is the brightest star in the house... all the guys love her at all the group homes and day programs. Shelia deserves a Pay It Forward because she does all these things and much more without asking or expecting anything in return."

Shante also says Shelia starts the day off in a special way for the men.

"She takes the guys to the center in the morning, because she doesn't want anyone else to do it because she wants them to listen to the music they want to listen to, she wants to find out how their night went, she wants to send them off with inspiration before they go out into the centers for the day," said Brown.  "She just loves to be a part of their lives."

Shante presented the $319 Pay It Forward check to Shelia and to say she was surprised would be a huge understatement. Here's part of what Shelia had to say.

"What is this? Lord have mercy, oh my God, when did you do this? I never knew anything about this, Lord have mercy, thank you, thank you so much, don't have me crying!" said Crutcher.

Shelia says what she does is not just a job.

"[It's] just a big ol' family, like we are a family," said Shelia. 

She was very grateful for the Pay It Forward.

"It means so much because I do it from my heart, I do it from heart," said Shelia.

That is what Pay It Forward is all about. If you know anyone who is deserving of a Pay It Forward, click here to nominate him or her.  Please include your phone number.

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