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Pay It Forward
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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - This week's Pay It Forward deals with something we all face: The care of a love one as they near the end of their life.

Debra Thompson, the Office Manager at 1st Family Mortgage, is facing that right now with her mother. Debra writes to us about a very special place and a very, very special person.

"Shepherd's Cove is the 10-bed incare facility of Hospice of Marshall County. My mother is a patient there and the care and love they have shown her and our family in this hardest of times is amazing.  One nurse in particular, Kelly Tinnon, has been simply incredible. Kelly goes way beyond her job expectations and treats mom as if she were her own mother.  I nominate Kelly Tinnon for Pay It Forward."

Debra says her mom has terminal cancer. "She's even forgotten how to feed herself, but Kelly sits in there and feeds her, then reads to her out of the Bible.  She reads scriptures to her, then prays with her."

Debra goes on to say, "I don't have to worry when I'm not here that my mother's not being cared for, because I know that, they actually take time, it's almost like it's their mother too, I feel like these people are family now."

Debra turned to Hospice of Marshall County after learning her mother was terminally ill.

"We all just broke down and cried because we didn't know what we were supposed to do, Debra said.  "You know we don't have a handbook of what to do when you can't go home, but the hospital's ready to put you out. What do you do?"

She says that's when Kelly stepped up.

"Kelly has been such a blessing, she's always there for mom to help her if she has any questions, fear of the unknown, she takes time to really, actually sit down and talk to her about her cares and concerns, Kelly is just, she's just wonderful."

In fact, this is what Debra had to say about the staff of Shepherd's Cove/Hospice of Marshall County.

"Y'all are special people, you'll have jewels in your crown in Heaven when you get there.

To which Kelly responded, "It's our pleasure and our gift to work with the families and Debra, please know how much I appreciate and love your mother, you and the rest of your family."

And then Kelly did just as Debra said she would.

"I would like to donate this ($319) to Hospice of Marshall County to continue our mission," Kelly said.

If you know someone deserving of a Pay It Forward, contact us.  Please include your phone number.

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