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Pay It Forward
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - This week’s Pay It Forward introduces us to a man who is doing what he can to take the absentee out of fatherhood.

Jalana Jamar writes this about L.C. Smith:

   “I would like to nominate L.C. Smith for Pay It Forward. He has established a non-profit  organization called R. Fathers M.A.D. Real Fathers Making a Difference, Inc. This organization mentors boys and young men by giving them life skills and teaching them to be responsible men and fathers.”

R. Fathers M.A.D. is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization with a goal of teaching these boys how to be good men and good fathers

Jalana says L.C. or Curt as she calls him, teaches “responsibility and honesty and loyalty, he just teaches them all of the core benefits.”

Curt even has tutors come in to help further the boys education, which according to Jalana, “the boys that are involved are able to get community hours for like college or whatever if they need it.”

Unfortunately this doesn`t come without some cost and Curt funds a lot of it himself which is why Jalana says we should Pay It Forward to Curtis.

We found Curt at R. Fathers M.A.D. and Jalana wasted no time in pulling the surprise.

When Curt saw our camera he had this to say, “man you could have told me, I`ve got my desk all messed up.” That was before Jalana hit him with this. “You`re a big inspiration to me and I wanted to Pay It Forward to you so I have $319 for you.”  To say the least, Curt was surprised. “Wow, man, I don`t know what to say.”

Curt may have been speechless about the money, but he had plenty to say about turning boys into good men and getting fathers back in their children`s lives. “ I really wanted to go out here and express the importance of fatherhood, there`s too many fathers not involved, there`s too many young men and young girls that`s around without their fathers.”

Curt is definitely a man of action “I was gonna write a book about it, first, and then I decided to put that on hold and actually do something about it” and he did by forming R. Fathers M.A.D. Real Fathers Making a Difference.

Curt’s organization has three definite goals: “reclaim fatherhood, to make an impact where we are decreasing the number of fatherless children, that would solve a lot of problems and the second goal is to be there for young men that are without fathers, that have absentee fathers or no male positive influence and the third thing is to impact a lot of the families of single parents, single moms, because they really struggle raising their sons.”

Curt says the Pay It Forward money will be used to add new curriculum to the tutoring program and also buy coats and clothes for the children and teens who need them.

Real Fathers Making a Difference needs volunteers to help mentor and tutor.  If you are interested in helping, please call (256) 603-0690

If you know of anyone that is deserving of a Pay It Forward, please nominate them. Please include a phone number.

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