Madison church uses $319 to help flooding victims in Louisiana

Pay It Forward
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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – A local church with close ties to Louisiana is spearheading an effort to get supplies to flood victims. Many of the people there lost everything and need help. WHNT NEWS 19 Pays it Forward to Building Church in Madison and shows you how they immediately put it to good use.

The pastor of Building Church is from Baton Rouge, which like many parts of Louisiana are under water. Many of his immediate family members live there and are now in the process of rebuilding their lives. Help is arriving by the truck loads.

“We’re collecting everything because people have lost everything, honestly,” says Building Church Office Administrator Lane Frizzell. “We’re collecting clothes, toiletries, toilet paper, and all cleaning supplies like mold and mildew preventive stuff. We’re collecting diapers rags. Right now, they need a lot of boots and masks because they have to do some serious cleaning.”

The church already sent items last week and another delivery is going out very soon. They realize the need is urgent.

“People literally have nothing,” explains Frizzell. “I don’t know if it’s even fathomable honestly that you don’t have anything, but everything’s ruined.”

Everything is ruined, except their hope and the generosity of strangers, including $319 from WHNT NEWS 19.

“Awesome!” says Frizzell after receiving the Pay it Forward money. “This is going to go to good use, I promise. You guys are blessing them so much.”

Right after WHNT NEWS 19 paid it forward, we took a trip to the store, armed with a list of things flooding victims could use right now. Frizzell loaded up the cart with all sorts of items – plastic bins, household cleaners, bug spray, flip flops and more. Even with all that she got, the total was under $319. There was about $40 left. However, with all the people in Louisiana still needing help for weeks to come, it won’t last long.

Frizzell says the remaining money helped buy box fans, wheelbarrows and other construction supplies. The church will continue taking supplies to Louisiana for the next several weeks.