Inside-Out Ministries, Madison’s Best Kept Secret

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - Inside-Out Ministries is an All-Volunteer organization helping individuals and families in Madison. The volunteers help with providing food, financial and spiritual assistance, job counsel, resume writing, budget counseling, all at no cost to the individuals.

IOM is the brain-child of Deborah and Larry Ward and has been around for nearly five years."We realized there were a lot of people struggling to pay rent, pay utilities and even to provide enough food for their family; it was a much bigger need in the community than people realized," according to Deborah, " so we went through all the process to become an IRS 501c3 Non-Profit Charity."

Deborah says Inside-Out has between 30 and 60 volunteers working on a regular basis and adds, "we are seeing probably about that many clients because we have a job counselor, we have a budget counselor and then we also have the financial counselors that work with them through whatever their difficulty is."

IOM gets donations from local churches, civic organizations, concerned citizens and even friends that moved away, but there's always a need, like help keeping the food bank stocked.

The Wards use their own money to pay the rent and utilities on the building they are in, but say without the volunteers, there would be no ministry."Our volunteers work so, so hard and they come here asking for nothing in return." Deborah adds, "as an all volunteer ministry our money goes to helping the people so there isn't anything to say thank you other than to say thank you, although we do have a running joke that we double their wages every day."

All jokes aside, Deborah and Larry Ward wanted to Pay It Forward to the volunteers in celebration of their dedication, but when we presented the money to them, several of the volunteers had other ideas. Kathy Campbell says, "I didn't come here for money, I came here for a good feeling and to help other people.That's where the money is going to go." Karla Morvay adds, "I ditto that, also I would just rather see our clients benefit." Sharon Van summed it up with this, "I came here because God wanted me here to minister to other people and that's what this is all about and that's what we're going to do with the money."

Inside-Out Ministries serves Madison and if you need help call (256)325-5193 or go to

Donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

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