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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Many people consider cutting grass a cumbersome chore. However, one Huntsville man does it to show kindness. Rodney Smith Jr. is on a mission to cut 100 yards before winter for the elderly and single moms. He’s doing it for free! WHNT NEWS 19 surprised Smith to Pay it Forward.

WHNT NEWS 19 caught up with Smith right before he started on another yard to give him $319.

“Is this April Fool’s?” asks Smith.

Smith quickly figured out that it was real money and that we had an accomplice.

“You guys set this whole thing up,” says Smith.

The person that nominated Smith was Dawn Reynolds, who connected with Smith on Facebook and put us on to his yard cutting project.

“I am just really impressed at what he’s doing,” explains Reynolds. “He’s a young man doing wonderful things and I think that’s missing in the world today.”

Reynolds was impressed and immensely grateful that someone was kind enough to take on the task of mowing her yard.

“I’m just not able to really do it physically, nor do I have the financial means to pay somebody, so this is huge for me,” describes Reynolds.

It’s a huge undertaking for Smith, who juggles this service work with being an international student at Alabama A&M University.

“This will make 81,” says Smith on that particular afternoon in early November. “Right now, I’m cutting grass. At 3:00pm, I have to be in class. On the weekend, I just cut because I have no classes.”

For Smith, it’s worth it.

“It’s the Bermudian way of giving back,” says Smith. “We always like to give back to people.”

Smith started cutting grass for those in need in September and reached his goal of 100 yards on November25th, right before Thanksgiving. He’s also working on starting a charitable organization that enlists the help of young men and boys for the yard cutting project. He hopes to have the Raising Men Lawn Care Service in place by spring.