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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Music has the power to change a child’s life. That belief is the driving force behind COG-ME, which stands for Community, Opportunity and Generosity through Music Education.  WHNT NEWS 19 pays it forward to the organization that’s exposing children to the world of music.

Music is magical. At least that’s how it feels when 13-year old Anthony Gordillo plays his violin.

“It makes you feel good,” says Gordillo. “It makes you feel like you’re in a movie.”

Miriam Ramos, also a violinist and flutist, can relate. The 11-year-old plans on playing a long time.

“I think I will all the way through college, so I can start teaching other kids how to play other instruments,” says Ramos.

The two pre-teens are part of COG-ME. Twice a week, after school, they come to Trinity Presbyterian Church for 90-minute lessons. It’s one of many locations in Huntsville where volunteers teach the kids, kindergarten through 12th grade, how to master their instruments.

“We focus on violin and chello,” explains COG-ME director Rhonda Broyles. “We have a couple of violas. We have several flutists and a couple of students taking piano.”

Broyles vividly remembers when she fell in love with music.

“My life goal when I was in 4th grade was to get to 6th grade to be in the band,” describes Broyles.

Broyles even remembers the night of the band parent meeting.

“It was like heaven!” says Broyles. “Lined with gold, brass and silver. The flutes, trumpets, saxophones, trombones and I was so excited. Then, the band director started talking about the cost of the instruments.”

Her mom talked the director into letting her borrow an instrument. Fortunately, finances didn’t keep Broyles from following a dream.

“That was my ticket into life,” says Broyles. “College scholarships, playing with symphony orchestras and it all came to life for me. Now, that’s the goal of COG-ME is opportunity for children.”

Providing this opportunity to kids does come with a cost. Donations, including our $319, will help.

“Wow! Thank you!” shouts Broyles. “We’ll do some good things.”

Broyles says the money will allow them to do things like purchase or rent instruments for students. It’s considered a boost to the budget and morale.

Here’s a fun fact on the organization’s name. Why COG? Cogs on gears engage with each other to generate forward motion and change in directions. The goal is for students to do just that – move forward in life.