Clothe Our Kids Helping Needy Children in Lincoln County

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ten. (WHNT) – Many of us get dressed in the morning and go on about our day, not even realizing what a luxury that is. Many people don’t have proper clothing and that includes children. Two women in Fayetteville are making sure kids in need get help.

Linda Reed nominated the Clothe Our Kids founders. Here’s a snippet of what she wrote in her email to WHNT NEWS 19:

“No one has touched me quite like these two young ladies. Besides caring for their own families, Laura Mayer and Shelley Lyon are working hard to help needy children receive adequate clothing for school.”

WHNT NEWS 19 walked into the Clothe Our Kids building, cash in hand. It’s money that will be put to use right away.

“We will be using it to buy socks, underwear, shoes and that is so cool,” says Mayer. “Thank you!”

Mayer and Lyon showed us around. As donations come in, they’re sorted by sex, size and season. There are clothes, underwear, socks, and much more.

“We have winter stuff, hats, scarves, and accessories because these clothes are not just to keep the kids clothed and warm,” explains Lyon. “We want them to feel good about themselves.”

That’s also why the giving is done discreetly.

“They just tell us if it’s a male or female and the sizes,” says Lyon. “That’s how we label them.”

School teachers, counselors and the Department of Children Services identify which kids need help and get in touch with Clothe Our Kids.

“When we get a phone call from a counselor or teacher, a typical box is 8-10 outfits, a pack of underwear, a pack of socks, a pair of shoes and a coat in the winter,” describes Mayer.

Since November 2013, the group has helped 155 kids in Lincoln County. They were working on clothing bags the day WHNT NEWS 19 was there. Each one contained seven summer outfits.

“I’ve got six pairs of underwear, six pairs of socks, two pairs of shoes, and some pajamas,” says Lyon, as she stuffed the bag.

If they’re short on something, that $319 will come in handy.

“If we don’t have the right size shoe, underwear or socks, since those are the items we like to give new, the funds go to purchasing those items,” says Mayer. “This will go a long way.”