New FBI phone scam targets college students

Taking Action

Image: MGN Online

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A release from the Federal Bureau of Investigation warns college students to be on alert for a phone scam where the caller ID shows the FBI’s telephone number.

The FBI has received several calls about this scam from college students at various universities. They complain of a phone scam involving someone claiming to represent the U.S. Government or the FBI. The caller tells the student they have delinquent student loans or dues, delinquent taxes or overdue parking tickets. The caller may also threaten the students with arrest or not graduating.

The fees are to be paid by MoneyGram.

The caller always claims to have certain information in an attempt to gather personally identifiable information.

The FBI wants to remind the public that representatives from the FBI don’t call people requesting money. You should not give out personal information to callers you don’t know.

Individuals receiving such calls can file a complaint through the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at

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