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TRINITY, Ala – A cabinet company based in Trinity has multiple judgments against it dating back several years, totaling thousands of dollars.

Only about a third of that has been paid and the owner says there’s more to the story.

“I want my money back and I want everyone to know not to make the same mistake I did,” Catherine Jackson said.

Jackson filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Trinity Cabinets.

She signed a contract with Trinity Cabinets owner, Fairy Keeton in November 2017. The cabinets were supposed to be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. Jackson says that didn’t happen.

“I called her. I hadn’t received the cabinets. I called her in January or February asking about my cabinets. She said she hadn’t done them yet. She would do them the next week. Next week comes, she didn’t do it then.

Texts messages between them show a discussion from March where Jackson asked for her money back. Keeton replied that she used Jackson’s deposit to purchase materials and that she could give her the money at the end of the month. Jackson said she wanted the cabinets installed or her money now, but Keeton replied saying that request was unreasonable.

WHNT News 19 investigative reporter Kelley Smith asked Jackson if she thought it was unreasonable to ask for her money or the cabinets at that point?

“No, I don’t because of it months instead of weeks,” Jackson replied.

WHNT News 19 spoke with Keeton on the phone to her side of the story. She claims the allegations against her company aren’t true.

“She wasn’t ready when I was ready or when we were going to put them in and she asked me to put it off for a while. So, I put it off for a while then she said she come back in a few weeks later saying I need now. I’m like you can’t tell me right now. I need four or five weeks notice,” Keeton explained.

A judgment was filed in a civil court ordering Keeton to pay back Jackson’s deposit. This is not the first time a client has filed a claim against her. According to an Order of Release from Jail, Keeton paid $3,000 to a former client in 2016.

In 2019, a default judgment was filed ordering Keeton to pay a former client $4,000.

Keeton says she does not fight claims made against her business.

“Like I told you before, I’m not going fighting the court systems. I’m not going fighting the court system over anybody. It’s not worth it to me,” Keeton said.

Kelley Smith asked if Keeton was afraid that not fighting the claims could make her business look bad or not reputable.

“My business has always been done by word of mouth it has nothing to do with the better business bureau,” Keeton replied.

Keeton says while the circumstances were different in each of these court cases, she believed she did the right thing each time.

The BBB recommends to always do your homework before doing business.  It has given Trinity Cabinets an “F” rating.