Huntsville Company Donates Resources, Removes Sheffield Woman’s Tree Stump

Taking Action
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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT News 19 has results to tell you about concerning Grazia Milstead and her tree stump. The Sheffield woman showed our ‘Fighting for You’ team two weeks ago the stump outside her front door.

Milstead paid someone $1,500 to cut down the tree and remove it. WHNT News 19 reported the person hired to do the job started cutting it in November 2013, but never finished.

The tree stump started as a mole hill for Milstead, but quickly turned into a mountain. Milstead thought getting rid of it was easy. She was wrong. Bryan Pitts took her money, but didn't complete the job. Police are about to catch up to Pitts.  There is no longer a need for Pitts to show-up at Milstead’s home.

Our ‘Fighting for You’ team went back to Milstead's home. The team brought along a new friend.

Milstead was glad to see WHNT News 19, but happier to see Nicholas Poppe.

“it`s been a long time coming and trying to get this stump out,” said Milstead.

Poppe watched the story of Milstead telling WHNT News 19 how the man hired to remove her tree left her hanging.

“Oh, I really didn`t know what to think at first. It really just kind of angered me a little bit. It disheartened me that people still actually did that,” said Poppe.

Poppe owns Steadfast Tree Service in Huntsville. He volunteered to drive to Sheffield to get rid of Milstead’s tree stump.

“I wanted to do it to kind of get out here and show there are local companies that are small, still growing, doing a good job and willing to help people out,” added Poppe.

Milstead knows something as small as a tree stump caused her headaches, but says the pain ran deep into her pockets.

“Well, I paid for it and need to get it out. The man who said he was going to come back and do it. He hasn`t shown back up,” added Milstead.

Milstead said Pitts showed up one day, cut some limbs and did not return.

“I couldn`t believe that I`d get any help, but was at my last resort when I saw your program on TV saying you helped people,” added Milstead.

WHNT News 19 called Pitts. Pitts  gave the station all types of reasons for not showing up.

“I had all the confidence in the world you were going to get it done,” added Milstead.

Poppe got it done. He and a worker donated three hours and $400 worth of work to Milstead. .

“My company is still kind of small. I don`t rely on it for a lot of income yet. So, just to help out was good enough for me,” added Poppe.

Poppe added, “Taking action, getting results is just going out there getting things done in the community and to actually have it happen.””

“I`m going to say hallelujah when this is done,” added Milstead.

Milstead is happy the tree stump is gone. WHNT News 19 thanks Nicholas Poppe for taking case of Milstead. Milstead filled out paperwork Friday, so a warrant could be served to Pitts.

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