HomeAdvisor reaches out to frustrated client after pressure from WHNT News 19

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The contractor-matching website HomeAdvisor gave WHNT News 19 their word they were “reaching out to the homeowners to see how we can help.”

That statement came after WHNT News 19 ran a story earlier this month exposing a ‘bad contractor’ HomeAdvisor paired with two women in north Alabama.

One homeowner, a woman in Huntsville who does not want to be named, trusted HomeAdvisor to pair her with a reputable contractor for a large concrete driveway and sidewalk project. She aired her frustrations with HomeAdvisor, and the contractor they connected her with, on WHNT News 19 earlier this month. That contractor’s name is Montereous Collier and he owns Dom Concrete.

“Nothing has been checked on this contractor,” the woman said.

After her story aired on February 7, a HomeAdvisor spokesperson said they would work toward a resolution. Until they found out WHNT News 19 was airing a story, they did not try to contact the homeowners. They did on Thursday afternoon.

The unnamed homeowner provided us with an email containing a number for the ‘problem resolution team.’ When WHNT News 19 tried to call the number, it rang into another business who did not seem to recognize HomeAdvisor.

Once we finally got someone to answer at HomeAdvisor, the employee said there is not a line a client can call that she was aware of. A couple hours later, HomeAdvisor reached out to the Huntsville homeowner and asked her if WHNT News 19 had contacted her.

“I contacted you, as Channel 19 to help me out, as you did. It looks like they’re scared of no one, but they’re scared of media, that’s why they contacted me today.”

Fortunately, HomeAdvisor spoke to the homeowner. They declined my interview request, and said they would only speak with me privately.

WHNT News 19 will continue pressing HomeAdvisor to find a resolution for their client.

HomeAdvisor makes several promises to its customers on its website. Under the ‘Pro Reviews’ page, HomeAdvisor says contractors must pass a comprehensive screening process before they’re allowed in the database. They say they do criminal background screening of the contractors.

But, Collier, who we profiled in the February 7 story, has an active criminal case and has pleaded guilty to many cases in north Alabama.

That open case is with Sylvia Self. She’s the other woman WHNT News 19 spoke with. Self has an open case in Limestone County against Collier for theft of property.

She tells WHNT News 19 she has not heard anything from HomeAdvisor.

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