‘Hank the Handyman’, broken TV no longer a problem for 6-year-old boy

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - We have a follow-up on the story showing a sister standing up for her brother. Azia Jones, who's 12 years old, told WHNT NEWS 19 Tuesday a repairman took her brother's television in April. Hank the Handyman was supposed to fix it, but picked up the TV and never talked to the kids' family again.

WHNT NEWS 19 got in touch with Hank the Handyman. An appointment was scheduled Wednesday for Hank to return the TV. Azia and her family waited for Hank at the station. The station is not hard to find. It's the only one downtown. Hank the Handyman never showed. He said he would be more than happy to hand over the TV he never fixed. Even though the handyman failed to show, the kids were happy to see WHNT NEWS 19 and the 'Fighting for You' camera once again.

Azia watched the story of WHNT NEWS 19 exposing Hank the Handyman's failed attempt to provide service.

Azia said, "It was amazingly beautiful."

She wishes her fingers, used to affectionately pick at her brother, could touch the TV her brother once owned. WHNT NEWS 19 reported how Hank the Handyman picked up the TV in April and promised to fix it.

"We called him and texted him. We got in touch with him, but he is still not here like he said he would be two months ago," added Hank.

Hank did not show up for WHNT NEWS 19 either. He was supposed to meet Azia and her family outside the WHNT NEWS 19 studio to return the TV. They weren't surprised. Then, all that changed when a viewer walked up to AJ with a 22" TV.

"It's so cute. I've never seen a TV like that. It's so pretty," added Azia.

Azia's mom said, "AJ, you're going to make me cry."

One other viewer donated a $60 gift card from GameStop to AJ. The same viewer also handed an angel figurine and card to Azia for taking on something so big.

"I thought of you too because you're the coolest big sister I ever heard of," said the donor. The donor did not tell the family her name.

Let's get back to AJ.

"This is yours," said the reporter, unveiling a brand new 50" TV.

Glenn Butler is the third viewer to donate something.

"I know how it is and to see the story, it was so touching," said Butler.

Butler bought a 50" inch TV for the 54" boy.

"I just figured that's something he could use, treasure and really enjoy because it is nice and big for him and the family to enjoy it," added Butler.

AJ was almost speechless.

"Here you go, I hope you enjoy it. Now you don't have to worry about Hank any more," added Butler.

More than anything, AJ wanted to say thanks, but was better at showing his appreciation.

"Thank you. You are most welcome, young man. You are most welcome sir," added Butler.

It's moments like these that make reporting 'Fighting for You' stories so rewarding.

"Yes. If you want action, you call Channel 19," said Azia's mom.

WHNT NEWS 19 Hank the Handyman to ask why he didn't show at the time and location agreed upon. The call went to voicemail.