Getting Results: Legal Action Line answers hundreds of legal questions for viewers

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – WHNT News 19 had a very successful night taking action and getting results for you with our Legal Action Line.

Lawyers from the Huntsville-Madison County Bar stayed for over five hours answering your questions.

Attorney Clay Martin spent his share of time on the lines, taking on questions, “About 15 personally, but I’ve been also answering questions on the internet as well.”

We put up a Facebook Q&A as well. Of course, it took a lot of attorneys from the Huntsville-Madison County Bar to make it all work.

“So far, I’m guessing probably about 30,” says Martin, “We’ve had a really good turn out of volunteers. A lot of good specialists as well.”

Together, we Took Action, and we Got Results.

Martin adds, “I think that we’ve been able to give some people some really good advice. I hope it’s made a difference with some folks and at least guided them in the right direction.”

That’s for issues from big to small.

Martin lists off, “Anywhere from wills to child custody issues for some folks to social security issues to car wrecks”

Attorneys handled over 250 questions over the course of the night.

Each question, addressed with care.