Fighting For You: Toney Woman Says House Moving Company Damaged Her Mailbox, Refusing Repairs

Taking Action
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A homeowner in Toney WHNT NEWS 19 about something she saw happen right outside her door. The woman says employees of a house moving company tore up her mailbox. The homeowner has called the company to repair the mailbox, but is not having any luck. She couldn’t get any results, so emailed WHNT NEWS 19 asking Venton Blandin to fight for her.

Melody Hodges claims employees of Don Kennedy & Sons destroyed her mailbox in May. She has made dozens of calls to the company. She made only one call to Venton Blandin.

Hodges watched Don Kennedy & Sons house moving company move a church along Beaver Dam Road. She lives on the street. She noticed something there might be a problem.

“I thought maybe it was just too wide to fit on the whole road,” said Hodges.

Hodges has a good eye.

“As the house was coming and moving, two of his employees came along and uprooted all the mailboxes,” added Hodges.

Hodges did not think much about what she saw at the time, but she and her husband did check out the mailbox later in the day.

“We walked up there to get the mail and noticed it was busted. It was tore up from the front to the back,” added Hodges.

The Toney homeowner called the house moving company to see about getting the mailbox fixed.

“They said oh yeah, we’re sorry, we are going to get that repaired for you,” added Hodges.

Hodges called the company day after day.

“They would say, we’d be out at the end of the day, at the end of business today or the end of the week. No one has ever shown up. No one has ever called us,” added Hodges.

She says she has continued to call Don Kennedy & Sons once a day.

“I think now, after 60 calls, it’s becoming more of the point that a company as big as them could do that should be responsible in fixing it,” added Hodges.

The wife and grandmother says she is not asking for much.

“It’s ridiculous. I feel like it’s the big company thinking they could get by with something and they don’t follow through,” added Hodges.

She just wants the company to make things right.

“It’s so simple. It took them two minutes to uproot it. It would take them five minutes to put a new one in, so I don’t understand their thinking,” added Hodges.

Hodges says she’s spoken with a secretary for the company who asked if the mailbox works.

“I said yes, it is functional, but that’s not the point. It’s broken. It’s busted because of your employees,” added Hodges.

Hodges says her point in calling Venton Blandin was simple.

“I would like for you to possibly get in touch with a company to see what their reaction is to them ignoring something that they did,” added Hodges.

Venton Blandin made a couple of calls to Don Kennedy & Sons to fight for Hodges. An office manager at the company said WHNT NEWS 19 would need to talk with the owner, but said the owner was out of town. The manager did tell say she would have the owner call WHNT NEWS 19. We are awaiting that call back. We will stay on this issue.

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