Fighting for You: Real Owner Of Precision Roofing & Restoration Found

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NEW MARKET, Ala. (WHNT) - A New Market woman is hoping to get money back from a contractor she hired to fix her home. WHNT NEWS 19 reported the story of Kristina Bicigo's problem with Precision Roofing & Restoration. The woman claimed in Venton Blandin's initial report, the owner of the company took the money, started the work, but never finished it. This is a 'Fighting for You' update.

Bicigo was feeling good about things once our story aired. She thought it would prompt the business owner to call her, but it didn't. WHNT NEWS 19's story prompted a different call from someone unexpected.

Bicigo's story continues. First, what we learned through a voicemail one day after her first story aired. A viewer called to say Chris Davidson is not the owner of Precision Roofing and Restoration. Bicigio told WHNT NEWS 19 she paid Davidson $750 to fix the roof, garage door and columns to her home.

"They started to fix it. They came out to do the shingles and paint the column," said Bicigo.

Bicigo spent weeks looking for Davidson before contacting WHNT NEWS 19. She only knew the company Davidson claimed to own was based in Tennessee. WHNT NEWS 19 decided to check on a business license. The Lincoln County Courthouse had one on file for Precision Roofing & Restoration, but not in Davidson's name. The license, in good standing until September 30, 2012, is in Josh Neal's name.

"I think I can pretty much say I will never get my money back," added Bicigo.

A quick check with the sheriff's department turned up a mug shot for a Christopher Davidson. WHNT NEWS 19 contacted Neal with the new information and found out he knows Davidson. A contractor, who worked on Bicigo's project with Davidson, confirms the mugshot is Davidson's.

"Well, after all of this, I am not really trusting of anyone associated with that company," added Bicigo.

Neal, the company's real owner, called Bicigo.

"He guaranteed me he was going to be able to get me the money back. He was very confident. He was friends with this guy or had been in the past. He never came through," added Bicigo.

Bicigo is hopeful, but also realistic.

"I definitely got duped, that's for sure. I am glad you were the one to actually come out on the air. At least we got a little bit further on the story," added Bicigo.

Bicigo is still looking for Davidson. Bicigo told WHNT NEWS 19 she has found another contractor to do the work the other company did not do. Bicigo says the company agreed to it at half the cost. Bicigo told WHNT NEWS 19 she's done extensive research on that company. WHNT NEWS 19 urged Bicigo to contact the Better Business Bureau concerning the original company.