Fighting for You: Parent Records Bus Driver Using Questionable Driving Skills

Taking Action
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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) - A Lincoln County father hopes a bus crash doesn't happen in his community. He told us the person who drives his kids to school could cause one. Jonathan Poole has the video he says proves it. Poole emailed WHNT NEWS 19 asking for help.

The video provided exclusively to WHNT NEWS 19 shows a Lincoln County school bus running a stop sign. The bus could be seen running the stop sign four times. Poole called the school system and says he has not seen any changes. WHNT NEWS 19 took the video to the head of transportation for the school system.

"Every time he comes by to drop my kids off our here, he goes down to turn around behind the house and comes back. He constantly runs the stop sign," said Poole.

Poole gave WHNT NEWS 19 copies of four videos he recorded in August.

"I thought that he was going to get someone on the bus hurt or hurt someone in one of the other vehicles on the road," added Poole.

The father of three believes the bus driver's 'roll and go' driving skills happened three too many times.

"I called the transportation supervisor over at the bus garage, made complaints and obviously nothing has happened to the guy. He has not been disciplined because he is still driving the bus," added Poole.

WHNT NEWS 19 took Poole's video to the transportation director for Lincoln County Schools. He could see what was happening.

"He does not come to a complete stop and pulls on to another roadway there. That is not acceptable," said Keith Gill.

Gill saw it happen four times and wonders if those are the only times.

"I'm upset and disappointed that our driver did not come to a complete stop there," added Gill.

The parent wants the school district to do something to the bus driver.

"If we have to get out here and stop completely at a stop sign to avoid getting a ticket, so should they. They should have to follow the rules that we do," said Poole.

What does Gill plan to do after seeing this video?

"I will be addressing this situation with the driver. We have a driver meeting coming up very shortly. I will address this with all drivers," added GIll.

Gill did not tell WHNT NEWS 19 how he plans to discipline the bus driver. He says he'll document the video WHNT NEWS 19 showed him and check school bus monitoring devices as part of his investigation.