Fighting for You: Calhoun Student Wants Surveillance Cameras Installed On Campus

Taking Action
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Calhoun Community College students are six weeks into the spring semester. Many are already giving campus police a failing grade after a handful of students became victims of theft. Nolan Morford emailed WHNT NEWS 19 about someone breaking into his car parked on the Huntsville campus. We did some digging and found out Morford isn't the only victim.

Thieves broke into five cars on the school's campus. They managed to walk away with electronic equipment worth thousands of dollars. A good chunk of the stolen property belongs to Morford. He wants the car break-ins to stop.

Morford is in his third semester at the school.

"It's a smaller school. It is really nice. It is friendly. You meet a lot of people in the student center," said Morford.

He likes the classroom sizes on the school's campus. He appreciates how long each class lasts.

Morford used to love the atmosphere.

"Lately I've noticed a lot of crime. This spot over here, the spot behind it and the spot next to it have all been broken into within the last two weeks," added Morford.

Thieves recently forced their way into Morford's car.

"I had it parked. I went into class for one hour. I came back out. It was broken into. Everything was gone. It just felt terrible," added Morford.

The engineering student no longer has a car stereo, amplifier, subwoofers, iPod or laptop.

"It hurts. It really does. There are some things you can't get back. I had a lot of data on my computer you just can't get back. It is stolen. It is gone," added Morford.

Campus Police responded to car-breaks on January 7th and 8th.

"You know, you have two incidents in two days, you think OK, it is the beginning of the semester," said School Spokeswoman Janet Martin.

Thieves took a break for five weeks, but returned.

"I'm glad you brought it to our attention because whoever is doing it now knows we know they are doing it," added Morford.

Thieves broke into three more cars. They ripped electronics out of two.

"The reason I contacted you, especially with the area being the way it is, I feel it the school really needs to have cameras," added Morford.

WHNT NEWS 19 took Morford's concern to School Spokeswoman Janet Martin.

"We're going to purchase some more cameras because this building has thousands of people on and off campus all day long," added Martin.

The car break-ins did not happen in one specific area at Calhoun Community College. Campus police say the break-ins have happened all over. School officials say the best way to prevent it from all happening again is to keep things out of view.

Morford believes the school should also send out alerts.

"We don't want to send out alerts and send out so many people it makes people stop looking at them. You know, saying, oh well this is not anything I need to be concerned about," added Martin.

"They just need to send it out to let the student body now. It is their right," added Morford.

Campus Police believe the same person is behind the break-ins. The times of all five break-ins, types of break-ins and kind of property taken each time are good indicators. Morford told WHNT NEWS 19 he kept his stuff in his car, but never out in the open.

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