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MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) – Exactly one week after our initial Taking Action report first aired, the Lawrence County Animal Shelter is classified as a crime scene. Former Animal Control Director Bobbie Taylor is now under investigation for allegations of abusing the animals under her care, hundreds of them. Taylor sat down only with WHNT News 19 for her first in-depth interview since the investigation began.

“I think they picked on the wrong old woman, I’ll tell you that,” Taylor says.

Lawrence County Commissioners abruptly canceled their contract with Taylor last Friday, and police are maintaining an around the clock vigil on the property. In our exclusive interview, Taylor explains how things got to this point, and what’s next.

“But I can tell you for a fact I have never abused an animal. Never,” Taylor said.

“I guess the key thing that everyone wants to know is how did this situation get to this point,” we asked?

“I became overwhelmed with the load of dogs and cats dumped on me since I took the county contract. Plus we had 3 months of bad weather,” Taylor said referring to the harsh winter in New York where many of the Lawrence County strays are sent for adoption. She added, “But I tell you I never went to bed one night that every dog didn’t have food, water, a dry bed, and love and care that day.”

Taylor was awarded the $80,000 county contract in February. She was to provide the shelter and operate it, plus provide an Animal Control Officer. Friday, that contract was stripped away, two days after our story first aired detailing the allegations of abuse and neglect.

A Disaster Response Team from the ASPCA is at the shelter now, providing much needed medical care for the animals that were under her care. And Taylor faces the likelihood of criminal charges.

We asked Taylor what’s down the road for her.

“Down the road is working to get the truth out, and there’s going to be a lot of people sued over this. The truth will come out and I have nothing to hide. Do animals die there? Yes. Some animals are brought in to me at death’s door and I do the best I can with medicine. They go to Dr. Jacobs and he has written a letter to me for my defense stating this. He knows the truth.”

We asked if she was mentally prepared for the possibility of being arrested.

“Oh yeah, let them arrest me, I’ll get out, and I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing.”

We spoke with ASPCA investigators after shooting Taylor’s interview. They said it’s important to remember the shelter didn’t get into its current condition quickly, it took time. They will spend the rest of the week caring for the animals and preparing to move them to another shelter in an undisclosed location.

Moulton Police tell us they’re working closely with the ASPCA team and that their criminal investigation is still ongoing.