Taking Action And Getting Results On A Madison County Intersection

Driving You Crazy
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Yes there have been delays because of construction on a portion of Highway 72 East in Madison County, but the new smooth pavement worth the wait. Part of the improvement  on 72 has also been work on the highway's intersection with Old Gurley Pike.  The intersection is getting a much-needed face-lift because we took action.

When we visited the intersection a few months ago, we found a crumbling shoulder, an inadequate turn ramp, and drivers who could not tell where Old Gurley Pike actually joined the highway. "There's no marking on anything else to tell you where the drop off is, and it's extremely dangerous," said concerned driver Don Marks.

We tried to make a left turn off of Highway 72 on to Old Gurley Pike, and actually went down the embankment because I couldn't see where the road was. At the time I took action and discussed my concerns with the Alabama Department of Transportation. I was told to be patient, because a scheduled paving project on 72 would include a fix for the intersection with Old Gurley Pike.  With the paving underway, I took action again to make sure the intersection hadn't been forgotten.

On site, you can see that already improvements have been made to the shoulder, and to the ramp where Gurley Pike intersects with 72. "I love it! It's so dangerous our here," says Barbara Thompson, who has a business right next to the intersection.

The work isn't complete, but it is in progress. We'll be keeping an eye on the project until it is finished.  We've taken action, and we want to make sure the result is exactly what's needed to make the intersection, and the drivers who use it...safe.