Taking Action And Fixing Madison County Road Problems

Driving You Crazy
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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Madison County's Moores Mill Road is busy, and at one particular intersection it was a bit scary. "Dangerous intersection," said Ron Rudd.  He was describing the situation where Baltimore Hill Road tees into Moores Mill as it makes a hard curve to the right.  For drivers wanting to turn left on to Baltimore Hill there was a turn lane, and an obvious understanding that they had to yield to oncoming traffic. The complication came from a stop sign on the right hand side of Moores Mill. The sign intended for the turning drivers, but they couldn't really see it.

Drivers on Moores Mill could see it, and sometimes...despite a sign underneath the stop sign directing drivers to turn right without stopping...drivers going straight on Moores Mill would stop.  That stopping caused wrecks. "Two or three a week," said Ron Rudd.

The stop sign obviously not working as it was supposed to. We took action and described the situation to Madison County officials. They agreed with our assessment, and the stop sign has been removed.  Drivers turning left on to Baltimore Hill Road still have to yield to oncoming traffic. The problem of drivers stopping on Moores Mill is over.

So is the problem of a corn field at another intersection. When we were called to the intersection where Macon Lane intersects with Oscar Patterson, there was an obvious problem. A corn field to the drivers left on Macon Lane extended almost to Oscar Patterson. "It's a little bit too tall. when you're trying to turn you've got cars flying up and down Oscar Patterson, and it's a risk," said Justin Gross.

Justin was right about that, Oscar Patterson is busy.  Drivers wanting to turn off Macon Lane were having to inch forward till they could see. By then, their vehicle was on the verge of being on Oscar Patterson.  We took action and called Madison County Commissioner Roger Jones.  He in turn contacted the owners of the corn field.  Tate Farms quickly responded to our concerns and trimmed the corn back.  Now drivers can see.

"Oh yeah, it's a whole lot better," says John Pruitt.  He added, "I think they did good, fine...somebody to take action for the safety of the people coming out of Macon Lane."

The bottom line here is two traffic situations in Madison County that needed to be fixed, have been. Two examples of why we take action.

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