Getting Results On Rough Huntsville Road

Driving You Crazy
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Clubview is one of the older established streets in Huntsville. Just a few weeks ago it was one of the city's roughest drives.  Back in the summer,  city workers prepped Clubview for repaving. Unfortunately that prep work left the street full of huge potholes, and weather made sure those gravel filled holes became worse. "The street is in pretty bad shape to be honest with you," said neighbor Tim Coley.

Tim and his wife Kippi had to drive the length of Clubview every day, and in addition to the very rough potholes, there was the complication of other drivers swerving to miss hitting them. "You don't know who's going to be in your lane when...if you're rounding a corner," said Kippi.

Once again, the damage to Clubview was done to get it ready for a new paving job.  The problem arose because the prep work was completed months ago, and the paving hadn't happened. "Well, I think it's messed up. I think if you're going to come in here and dig holes, you ought to fix it as you're doing it," said neighbor Chris Barr.

We took action and brought neighbors concerns to the City, and they promised a quick response. The city came through and paved the road shortly after our initial story. "I'm tickled to death," says Tim Coley.

The next time there's a road or traffic problem that bothers neighbors on Clubview, Kippi Coley says she'll be ready. "I would tell them to call WHNT. When you highlight it, it seems like things get done," says Kippi.

Getting things done, is what we're all about.