Moms Worried About Kids On Limestone County Highway

Driving You Crazy
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Highway 99 in Limestone County is busy almost all the time. That doesn't make parents with kids who cross the highway to get to school happy.  Families that live across from Owens Elementary face the problem every day. "It absolutely scares me to death," says Karen Black.

Karen walks her young son to school every day. She says there used to be a painted cross walk, but a few years ago the highway was re-paved, and the cross walk hasn't been replaced. Right now there's just one sign, in one direction indicating that students are crossing. Neighbor Melissa Southard says the cross walk needs to be replaced. "It just helps to let people know, hey, there is people that cross that road," says Melissa.

There are caution lights for the times when kids come to, and leave school, but Melissa and Karen say drivers don't always obey those. They also say it has been rare for law enforcement to make sure drivers do slow down.  For Karen, taking her son to school isn't a happy experience. "It makes me mad every morning, because I'm standing there at my driveway and freezing cold. You stand there and the cars are zipping by, and they know you are waiting to cross and they don't stop," says Karen.

At nearby West Limestone High School there is a painted cross walk on a street that's not nearly as heavily travelled as Highway 99.  Karen Black and Melissa Southard both think the cross walk at Owens Elementary needs to be replaced, and soon.

We're taking action to make sure traffic officials understand the problem and the concerns.  This painted cross walk is all about keeping kids safe.

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