Madison County Road Needs Help

Driving You Crazy
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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Madison County's Winchester Road is busy, and that magnifies every problem. Just north of Bell Factory Road there's a stretch of Winchester where the white-painted lines on the edge of the road are essentially invisible.  "So at night-time when it's raining, it's absolutely blind. I'm fearful of somebody having a traffic accident there." says James Cumming.

There are two reasons the white line has disappeared. First is just wear, but the second is the deterioration of the road's edge. The situation made worse on this particular stretch of Winchester because there's a hill and a curve too.  Anything that helps drivers keep their vehicle on the road, is important. "Most definitely, because cars coming the other way, right there it's a dark area, and everybody will put on their bright lights there,and it just plain blinds you," says Mr. Cumming.

Remember, the white line on the edge of the rest of Winchester for a reason, and that's driver safety. "I would like to see the white line put back down on the side of the road," says Cumming. That's a reasonable wish, and we're taking action to make sure state and county officials understand the concern, and the need for a fix.