Madison County resident begs speeders on Jolly B Road to slow down

Driving You Crazy
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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Jolly B Road in Madison County is a quaint, quiet place. 

But as the summer arrives, this road becomes pretty popular with locals taking this stretch of road to get to the river near the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.

One Jolly B Road resident reached out to WHNT.

She says she doesn’t mind the people coming to visit the river, but what she does mind is having to dodge their cars as they speed through.

You see, as you pull on to Jolly B Road there is a hair pin curve right here. 

The problem is a combination of the curve, mixed with the brush along the side, and the speed of those who don’t live on the street.

The resident says cars will speed around the curve, and other cars entering the curve, can’t see them. She’s scared of what could happen.

The resident tells me she contacted the county, who came out and cut back the grass on the easement of the road to help with visibility, but the trees are, in her opinion, still blocking too much. 

While there are signs farther down the road encouraging people to slow down, she says it remains a problem. She’s begging you to enjoy the view of her street while slowly getting to your destination before someone’s trip to the river turns into a tragic accident.

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