Madison County Drivers Want A New Traffic Light

Driving You Crazy
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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Kevin Fears has a definite idea about the intersection of County Lake Road and busy Winchester Road. "It's terrible," says Kevin.  He uses the intersection every day. "It's terrible, it really is. You have to wait forever."

Kevin is talking about the intersection at rush hour. That's when school traffic causes a significant back-up on County Lake Road.  The problem at all hours is the fact that Winchester is busy, and traffic moving at 55-miles per hour or faster.  It doesn't help that traffic in both directions on Winchester is coming over a rise. "When you think it's safe, a car pops out of nowhere. There's been so many near misses, and accidents here," says Kevin.

In fact a recent wreck happened when a driver pulling out of County Lake was struck broadside by a vehicle travelling on Winchester. For those who see the intersection daily, it was just the "latest" wreck. "There's been several, and some with minor injuries. And there's been one fatality," says Carl Fears.

Carl and his son Kevin both feel the same about the solution to the problem at this particular intersection. "I think we need a light. A light would help considerable because of the traffic flow," says Carl.

We have taken action and discussed the problem with Madison County Commissioner Roger Jones.  He says County Traffic Engineers will study the intersection. That will include a traffic count and a survey of just how much traffic backs up on County Lake. Jones says if a traffic light is the answer, then he'll work to put one at the intersection.