Madison County Drivers Say Corn Crop Is A Danger

Driving You Crazy
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In may ways there's nothing unusual about the intersection where Macon Lane tees into Oscar Patterson Road in Madison County. It's certainly busy, and that does contribute to the problem. "If you're coming this way, that corn is so close to the can't see any traffic coming in this direction," says driver Kim Stell.  Kim is talking about the corn on the left side of drivers approaching Oscar Patterson.

"It's a little bit too tall," says Justin Gross. He adds, "When you're trying to turn, you've got cars flying up and down Oscar Patterson."  There are plenty of drivers using Oscar Patterson, and the risk for drivers on Macon Lane, the corner of the corn field that essentially blocks the view back to the left.

Drivers on Macon Lane pull up to the stop sign, and realize they can't see anything to their left.  The pull forward till they're practically on Oscar Patterson before they can see the oncoming traffic. A driver who isn't careful might pull too far, and actually be in the path of oncoming vehicles. "It's a risk," says Justin Gross.

Watching the intersection you can see driver after driver inch forward as they try to see to their left, so they can safely turn on to Oscar Patterson. "You can do it, but it does make it nerve-wracking," says Kim Stell.

The solution to the problem is actually pretty simple. "Yes sir, needs to be cut down,' says Justin Gross.  We're talking a lot of corn, just the crop at the corner. We're taking action and taking the concerns to Madison County officials.


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