Madison County Drivers Not Obeying Speed Signs

Driving You Crazy
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There's a construction project just getting underway at County Line Road in Madison County.  When it's complete, there will be a new interchange with Interstate 565.  While the project is just starting, ALDOT has already installed the orange and black work zone warning signs.  Speed limit signs in both directions of I-565 drop speeds from 70 to 55, but there's a problem. "If you follow the speed limits, if you aren't careful, you're going to get run over," says Jack Brown.

Jack says nobody is paying any attention to the signs, and we used our radar gun to see if he's right.  We found that many drivers are slowing down as directed by the speed limit signs in the construction zone, but many others are ignoring them. We tracked one driver doing 70 in the 55-zone. We caught spotted another doing 77, and yet another going faster than 80-miles per hour. "Pretty dangerous. A couple of mornings ago, I saw a couple of cars almost smack into the rear end of a semi. What you call a chain reaction. Everybody had to check up," says Jack.

He believes the current situation, with drivers going different speeds, and not obeying the signs will cause a serious accident, and we agree.

We're taking action and taking Jack Brown's concerns to the Alabama State Troopers and ALDOT.  The speed limit signs in the construction zone are official. They are not suggestions.