Huntsville Woman Says A Nearby Intersection Makes Her Yard Dangerous

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At mid-morning on an average weekday, the intersection of 9th Avenue and 14th Street in Huntsville doesn't appear to be anything special. However, when traffic is heavy, the intersection becomes something different.  One neighbor gives it a danger rating. "I'd say a ten, that's how scary this intersection is," says Barbara Tate.

Barbara says there have been multiple wrecks at the intersection, and many of them have ended up with vehicles in her front yard.  She's quick to share photos of one crash that left a pickup truck in the middle of the yard, and car up against the front of her house, and broken glass from her storm door all over her living room floor. "My yard has been torn up numerous times. It's scary enough that I won't even come out in my front yard except to mow my grass, because I'm afraid a wreck will happen, and I will get run over out here," says Barbara.

The problem with the intersection seems to have two parts. First the speed limit on 9th Avenue is 35, and drivers often go faster than that. The other problem is that drivers on 14th Street appear to have a problem seeing oncoming traffic on 9th.  Also, according to Barbara, plenty of drivers do rolling stops, or don't even slow down.

"They need to either make it a four-way stop out here, and a caution light," or do something else to help it, says Barbara.   Several neighbors told us they worry about the intersection. Penny Burgess says she tells visitors to be careful. "They might get hit," says Penny.

The city appears to be involved in taking a traffic count for 14th street. We're taking action to make sure city traffic engineers understand the scope of the problem.


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