Huntsville Drivers Worry About Faded Paint

Driving You Crazy
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It's the road that turns off Highway 431, into the Hampton Cove Area. The Eastern Bypass, as it's officially called, is a busy four lane with a speed limit of 55-mph. There are thousands of drivers who use the bypass to get to and from home, and they're concerned.  All the painted lines on the road are worn, cracked and flaking. "I think they're kind of dull right now," says Boyd Rice.  Mary Linick says, "It's hard to see the lines."

Now, during daylight hours, when it's dry, you can make out the lines just fine. On a rainy day it gets tougher. "At night, it's fairly decent, but when it rains, you can't see," says Nelson Wimberly.  That is, when the real problem occurs. On a rainy night, the lines all but disappear.

The problem comes for drivers unfamiliar with where to turn.  The painted lines leading to the median cross overs are indistinct at best.  The street signs are located right at the intersection.  The situation causes drivers to have to slow down and carefully look for their turn. It means they're slowing down on a rain-slick highway with other drivers going 55 or faster. I asked Nelson Wimberly if he thought the situation was dangerous? His answer, "yes."

We talked to multiple drivers about the painted markings on the Eastern Bypass.  They all agreed with Nelson Wimberly, "They need to be redone."

We think so too, and that's why we're taking action and making sure  city and state traffic engineers are aware of just how worn the painted lines really are.

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