Hill Scares Madison County Drivers

Driving You Crazy
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The intersection in question is where Robinson Road dead ends at M0ores Mill Road in Madison County.  "When you're coming out of Robinson, there's a very dangerous hill situation with drivers coming over the hill on Moore's Mill," says Renee Scruggs. The problem is because the hill is steep, and it's hard for drivers on Robinson Road, wanting to turn left, to see oncoming traffic from their right.

Renee Scruggs uses the intersection on a daily basis, and she believes it's dangerous.  Her belief is re-inforced when you find out what happened to her several years ago. "I'm originally from Michigan, and I actually got injured on a hill similar to the one on Moores Mill, except we were on ice and snow in the winter, and a car sliding over the hill like the one on Moores Mill slid into us, and as a result, I lost my leg," says Renee.

Renee is definitely worried about the intersection, and what might happen. What we observed at the intersection was busy traffic on Moores Mill. The speed limit for vehicles coming over the hill is 45 mph, but we tracked numerous drivers with our radar gun, doing well over 50 mph. At 55 the reaction time for drivers gets very short.

Weather can also make the intersection more dangerous. "I haven't had a wreck, but last week on a drizzly day like today I was pulling out, and I was about halfway ouf of Robinson, and a truck was coming down Moores  Mill, and of course my tires were sliding (as she tried to accelerate) so I had to slam on my brakes to keep from getting hit," says Renee.

There is a warning sign for drivers on Moores Mill that an intersection lies at the bottom of the hill, but that sign is turned and leaning, and not adequate according to Renee Scruggs. "No it's not, and probably the situation with it being bent may be an indicator of something," says Renee Scruggs.

In any case, more than one driver we talked to said the intersection was dangerous because you can't see vehicles coming over the hill till the last second. We believe they have a point, and we're taking action to make sure Madison County officials are aware of the concerns.

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