Got speeders in your neighborhood? HPD tells you how to help stop them

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – How are the roads in your neighborhood? Are speed limits clearly marked? We’ve had several emails from Huntsville residents complaining that even with the signage, it’s not stopping anyone from speeding down their street.

“Typically in Huntsville the speed limit is 25 in all of our residential areas,” says Lt. Stacy Bates.

It’s clearly posted, but still the Huntsville Police Department “get calls all the time from various neighborhoods about speeding. Especially our interior streets that are residential and very dense,” said Bates.

Huntsville police say the primary offenders are your neighbors.

“When someone is used to living in a neighborhood and they’ve lived there for so long, it just becomes second nature to them where all of the stop signs are and they may have a tendency to speed,” said Bates. “They’re not thinking about the kids that could be living in the area—the cars parked in the streets.”

Lt. Stacy Bates says if the speed limit is posted at 25 mph, it’s like that for a reason. “It’s because of the congestion, the pedestrians that are out a lot. That’s why the speed limit is that low to begin with.”

Bates says if a resident is having speeding problems to the point of being dangerous, then they can request a radar detail. “Officers will actually go out at different times of the day and run radar and try to cut down on some of the speeding.”

He says that typically helps with the problem—but if a long term solution is what you’re vying for Bates suggests you contact the Huntsville Traffic Engineering Department.

“They can do an assessment,” said Bates. “And your neighborhood may qualify for some of their calming devices which can be speed tables, various different things.”

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