Edge Of Madison County Road Is Dangerous

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala (WHNT) - In Madison County, Wall Triana Highway is one of many busy roads.  The portion just north of Highway 72 is especially busy. That makes a problem along the road extra dangerous.  For a stretch of a few dozen yards, there's a groove cut in the shoulder. It's right next to the road, it's more than a tire wide, and its close to a foot deep. "It's so deep you can roll a car over very easily," says Braly Thompson.

Braly drives Wall Triana every day, and says the groove next to the road has caused wrecks already. He says if you get your tire off the edge of Wall Triana, and into the groove, all sorts of bad things can happen. "If you go into that low spot, what's going to happen, you'll have a wreck. Your going to hurt yourself. You may tear your vehicle up. You may hit somebody else. You may swing, comeback out and go head on into somebody else," says Braly.

He's not alone in worrying about the groove next to Wall Triana. Drivers we talked to say it's hard to see it, even if you know it's there, and that's during the daylight hours. "It is dangerous, especially at night. You can't see as much," says Michele Haygood.

One thing you can see if you look closely at the low spot next to Wall Triana Highway, the marks of vehicle tires.  More than one driver has had the misfortune to get caught in it, and bent reflectors next to a nearby driveway evidence of a vehicle going where it wasn't supposed to go.

Michelle Haygood, and Braly Thompson both think the problem should be repaired quickly, and we agree. We're taking action and discussing the situation with Madison County officials.

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