Driving You Crazy: The Decatur Mall Parking Lot

Driving You Crazy
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DECATUR, Ala. –  When going to the Decatur Mall you may find yourself looking to buy a new outfit, or gift -but after driving through their parking lot, the only thing you`re going to need is a new set of tires.

To say the Decatur Mall has problems with pot holes is an understatement. These aren’t your average pot holes. They’re pot canyons. Some, inches deep and feet wide.

It’s been a problem for several years. We highlighted it back in 2015 and 2 years later, there’s been no change. Actually that’s not true: there has been a lot of change. The holes have gotten bigger.

When you take stroll onto the mall’s Facebook page, right at the top you’ve got two complaints of people having to replace tires in the middle of the parking lot after hitting said holes.

If you’ve been to the mall in recent months, you’ll notice it’s under construction. The mall, which was bought by Hull early last year, has on their website some of the details of the work- new signage, flooring, but it doesn’t mention exterior or road renovations.

We reached out to the Decatur Mall owners on two separate occasions, trying to find out if their patrons will find any relief. So far, our call and email have both gone unanswered.

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