Driving You Crazy: Lowe Ave. Progress Update

Driving You Crazy
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville is riddled with road construction– which is great long-term– but drives most of us crazy until it’s finished

Lowe Avenue has been decorated with “road closed” signs for what seems like forever. But the reasons for the construction are already making morning commutes easier, and will only get better.

“Used to be Lowe Ave. you came in and you made a 90 degree turn almost and came into Williams– so basically that part of Lowe got cut off,” said City Administrator, John Hamilton.

From there, a new intersection was reconfigured to connect Lowe Ave. with Lowery Blvd. “Lowery Blvd. [goes] straight through between Governors Dr. and Williams and now low will just have a typical intersection with Lowery Blvd.” said Hamilton.

The southern half of the $8 million dollar project, Lowery Blvd., was opened back in April and dedicated last month. “Named after Dr. Lowery, one of our great civil rights leaders that’s from Huntsville.”

But the north end of the project, which is Lowe Ave. near Twickenham is still a work in progress. “They’re actually doing a large box culvert in the creek in Fagan Creek. “There was a delay because they had to do some redesign work on the culvert,” said Hamilton. That work has since been restarted and is set to be completed by the end of the year.


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