Driving You Crazy: Litter on Highway 72

Driving You Crazy

Litter on Hwy 72

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - "It was brought to our attention by a concerned citizen that we had a litter problem on Highway 72."

They're seeing bottles, wrappers and even full-size mattresses accumulate quicker on this stretch than they are anywhere else. They cleaned the road in March and two weeks later "We were astonished by the amount of trash that had accumulated in a week or two," said Seth Burkett, ALDOT Spokesman.

This road does have something, though, that many others don't. "There's a BFI transfer station just west of the city limits."

So they believe the problem is coming from sanitation trucks and residents in the county, hauling their garbage off and not properly securing it.

Last week ALDOT crews in Limestone and Morgan county spent the week picking up litter, again. "During the course of those operations they collected 3,600 pounds of garbage," said Burkett. Costing ALDOT $9,000 in resources. "That's money that could be spent actually improving your drive."

To put that into perspective, the state spends on average $16,000 in all of Limestone and Morgan counties for litter pick up. Half of that went to one road this month.

"We had workers out there that have specialized skill sets that could have been out there fixing something, instead they were out there picking up trash." said Burkett.

ALDOT is asking you to help them keep our highways clean. "Maybe think again before throwing a cup or a wrapper out the window because what you're really doing is throwing away your tax dollars."

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