Driving You Crazy: Is your road on the list?

Driving You Crazy
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It's the list we all hope our road is on: The Road Resurfacing List.

Because let's face it, have you driven down Bob Wallace lately? How about Providence Main Street?

Roads like these, well they've been deemed the worst of the worst.

The city lists every road on a scale of 0 to 60, zero being the best, 60 being basically a step above a dirt road. But it's not all bad news if a road is listed from 43 to 60; it just means it's next in line for a face lift.

The city of Huntsville just completed its 2016 road resurfacing project proposal, which was approved by the city council. 40 roads are listed. And these aren't just busy or highly-traveled roads; some are cul-de-sacs, others side streets. It's all about the rating.

The work started just last week and will cost the city $3.8 million to complete in just 90 days.

But if your road isn't on the list, what happens to those pesky pot holes? Public Works Director Chris McNeese says they're doing all they can to fix the problem. Four patch trucks are sent out daily, and each truck fills anywhere from 100 to 250 potholes a day.

McNeese says, of course, they'd love to resurface everything so you can have a smooth ride, no matter the street. But, because of the expense, it has to be done in phases.

So if yours didn’t make this list, you better cross your fingers it does next year.


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