Driving You Crazy: Fix My Roads Alabama!

Driving You Crazy
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A state-wide organization is asking for the public’s help in identifying bad roads across Alabama. They say the poor infrastructure in the state is due to a funding model that dates back to 1992.

“I think you can ask any legislature from the house or the senate, they won’t deny we have an extreme need for our transportation infrastructure,” says Drew Harrell, Executive Director of the Alliance for Alabama’s Infrastructure.

Harrell says it’s a growing problem across the state, and it’s all due to a simple math problem. “We’re working off a funding level that 25 years old and it simply hasn’t kept up with the costs to maintain and construct our road system throughout the state.”

The alliance has created a new Facebook page asking for the public’s help in identifying the worst of the worst across the state. It’s called ‘Fix My Roads Alabama!’ and the page is full of photos and videos showing crumbling roadways, pot holes—and cries for help.

The goal is to have visual proof to give to legislatures that will show the real need for change. Gas taxes over the last several years haven’t made it through to the governor’s desk- but this year, Harrell hopes that changes.

He says driving on deficient roads costs Alabamian motorists 4.2 billion annually, as opposed to “the bill that’s in the legislature right now would cost the average Alabama citizen $3.50 a month.”

A small fee, that would bring forth big change, to repair the roads. “would you rather pay $3.50 a month in gas tax or have to pay for a new alignment to your car or a blown out tire as you hit a pot hole?”

He says an improvement to Alabama’s roads would provide more safety, bring more businesses to our state, and improve your quality of life.

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